Partnership for universal Health and sustainable development- Uganda initiative (PUSH UGANDA INITIATIVE) is a Charity, nonprofit making humanitarian organization set up for the alleviation of poverty and sickness through the provision of clean drinking water, education, relief items, and agricultural livelihood programs in Northern Uganda. Supporting locally-led initiatives that strengthen young people and valuable Adults, helping them to overcome poverty and protect the rights of children and Women.

The organization was formed in 2015 and registered in 2016 with Lira Local Government, and the Government of the Republic of Uganda Reg. No LDLG/2016/057 as a Non- Community Based Organization (CBO). The main office of the organization is located in Lira – Northern Uganda. The organization was formed to response to the continued complex poverty situation in Lango and surrounding Districts formally affected by arm conflicts of the Lord Resistence Army (LRA), cattle rustling by the Karamojong tribe and natural disasters. The targeted communities include returnees after displacement, refugees, orphans and the general needy community.